Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New York New York

So were here! We have moved to New York City. we arrived on THE coldest day in history?? (sure, thats what i was told so i'm going with it). It was a whopping 3 degrees. jude and i flew by our lonesomes and when i walked out of the airport door {at 5 something am} i thought someone knocked me in the stomach. it took my breath away it was so dang bitter cold and i wanted to run straight back to sunny southern california. well, anyway, the weather is much much improved as noted by the photographs below. so life is looking up:) someday soon i will hopefully update the logo. once i realize i am not going back. ha! J/k. but sometimes i dream about the beach and my dear friends.

ok so since we have been here, among other things that I have had to go without while been here in the city {car, aka my personal storage area, last min grocery shopping, my flip-flops} another important thing is pre made baby pouches! I feel like i could find them a lot more affordable in california. or maybe now i just don't want to carry home that extra bag holding the squeezies ha! therefore, jude gets hungry so i have had to become more creative with my baby making food. So here are our latest favorites.  Judes favorite and mine. mixtures like this can go great as a side dish with any meat or over spaghetti squash!

 photo FullSizeRender-5_zps6vanj93o.jpg
                                                             Rainbow baby food

                            1 Butternut squash {sliced in half} 
                            1 jar of TJ's Organic unsweetened applesauce 
                            3 sweet potatoes {ends cut off} 

                          *Place sweet potatoes and squash on parchment paper. {Place butternut 
                           squash cut side down} Roast @ 450 degrees for approx 45 min or until soft. 
                          Remove from skins and place in blender. Add jar of applesauce. Squeeze into 
                          desired jars/ice cube trays/containers. 

                              LIGHT ORANGE
                          *I saved half of my squash/sweet potato/applesauce mixture and added 1/2 
                          container of full fat organic cottage cheese. Adds a little extra protein. 

                           1 bag Organic spinach 
                           1/2 bag Organic kale 
                           1 bag organic pears, {washed, unpeeled  and roughly chopped}

                        *Add pears to saucepan, cover and let simmer stirring occasionally. Once soft 
                        and mushy, add spinach and kale. Saute until bright green.  blentec it. voila!
          photo FullSizeRender-6_zpssdx96fhp.jpg         photo FullSizeRender-3_zpsoez9syiz.jpg

kids who eat hard, play hard, and then fall asleep on their own ha.

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